Custom Domains Overview:

Step 1 - Get Domain & Configure DNS

  • If you don't have a domain name already, you'll need to purchase one. Make it your own brand, don't make it very long. Take your time! We suggest registering with GoDaddy, as they make it simple to setup, but any registrar will work fine.
    Your domain name and brand cannot contain the word "ShineOn"!
  • Add 3 DNS records to your domain settings:
    • A record - should point to
    • CNAME record - Host should be www and content should point to
    • TXT record -  add your new Domain in Facebook Business Manager, and copy the string of text from there. Create a TXT record and paste in the string. Do not leave any quotation marks around the pasted text.

Step 2 - Submit your domain info to us

  • Go to Platform and click Domains from the left menu (if you don't see this, you will when you've made a sale since Feb 1st or when we expand the rollout soon)
  • Provide us with the domain name you've registered and configured
  • Set your brand name - this will appear in the top left of the site and in other places throughout the site.
  • Add additional info (optional)
  • Hit Finish

Our team will then receive this request and setup the domain on our side within 24 hours (Mon-Fri). You'll get an email when we're done.

Step 3 - Setup Facebook Events

Please follow the video above, as this part is quite detailed.