Currently, the only way to create manual orders (for orders you accept on 3rd party stores like Etsy) is via our Shopify App and a Shopify store.

Shopify provide a Lite plan (no storefront) for just $9.99/mo. You can install our app and create products with this, and then create orders in Shopify admin so they reach us.

Before you start

Placing a new order

  • On Shopify, go to Orders then click New Order button
  • Use the search bar to find your product and add it to the order
    • Make sure you pick the correct variant for steel/gold and Yes/No for engraving
  • On the right, click Add Customer
  • Then use Mark as Paid button
  • Accept the prompts

Checking & adding personalizations

  • In ShineOn App - go to Orders and use Sync Now to bring in any new manual orders immediately
  • If the order is to be engraved or have other personalizations, you'll see the order go on hold and a button to add the missing details
  • Once the personalizations are all saved, the order will go to Awaiting Payment status.