ShineOn is committed to maintaining a fair playing field for all our sellers and partners. When we see sellers using our services and breaking our Terms of Service, we take action to ensure the rulebreaking stops and to protect our brand.

Our main terms of service can be viewed here. We also have our Bad Faith Design Policy, which also counts as a terms of service violation.

Below we outline what action we'll take against sellers when we become aware that they are breaking our policies.

First Offence

We'll send you a formal warning about the behavior, and remove the listings.

Second Offence

You'll recieve your final warning, and listings removed as before. You'll lose any special base pricing and discounts on your accounts.

Final Offence

Any profits you have pending will be cancelled. All your accounts with ShineOn will be banned for one year, and you'll not be able to sell with us. Any new accounts created will be banned and the one year period will be reset. After one year, you may request a review to join us as a seller again.

We reserve the right to skip one or more of the above sanctions in cases of egregious policy violations.