Congratulations on your first sale! It will be the first of many.

Our fulfillment and shipping process should do all the hard work for you, but let's just run through the process so you can make sure you're all set for full automation:

Don't do anything on Shopify!

When you get a new order, you don't need to do anything to it from within Shopify. That includes "Fulfilling" an order, as we handle that for you once it ships. The order should remain as "Unfulfilled / Paid" status on Shopify.

Check for the order in the ShineOn App

Within a few hours of the order being placed on Shopify, you should see it appear in the Orders tab within our app. If not, you can use the "Sync Now" button in the top right corner to manually check for new orders at any time.

Check the order is not being held for your review

After the order has synced to our app, the status should be "(auto) Awaiting Payment". If it's not, it may need your action. You can click the SHINE order ID and see any errors with the order at the top of the popup. You can resolve these using the red "Fixbutton beside the order.

Make sure you have a payment method setup

We need a way to bill you the fulfillment costs for each order. Go to Setup in our app, and then Add Payment Method. Make sure you have added at least one credit card or your PayPal account in that menu. Below the payment methods, ensure the tickbox is checked, and set to around 6 hours. This will allow our system to auto-bill you.

Wait for auto-billing to run

Our system runs the billing cycle at 5am and 5pm EST. Orders that are at least 6 hours old at those times will be billed automatically. You can wait until these times, as there's no benefit to manually paying for your orders early. They won't be produced any sooner.

It's in production! We'll take it from here

If all is well, after 6-18 hours since it was originally placed on Shopify, the order will have been billed by our system. It'll show as "In Production" status. Within 1-2 business days, you should see the order ship out. The tracking number will automatically be uploaded to Shopify once we ship it. The customer will be emailed the tracking info by Shopify automatically.