UPS have informed us that due to contractual issues between International carriers, packages shipping to the following countries will provide limited updates from July 1st 2020:

o Austria

o Brazil

o Finland

o Greece

o Hungary

o Italy

o Latvia

o Malaysia

o Malta

o Norway

o Russia

o South Korea

o Spain

o Switzerland

Limited Tracking means that the online tracking for packages shipped to these countries will usually stop updating once they have left the USA. The tracking details on UPS/USPS websites is not expected to update further, even once delivered. However, once the package has cleared customs in the destination country, the tracking number can be checked on the local carrier site only.

This is due to delays to contract negotiations between USPS and these countries to form a new reciprocal tracking agreement. Tracking for these countries are expected to return to Full Tracking service as each country completes the contract negotiation process.

As of July 14, 2020 the following countries have resumed tracking updates:

o Germany

o Israel

o Japan

o New Zealand

o United Kingdom