There's a trend for sellers wanting to customize the order artwork for a customer based on their personalized requests. We've added a way for sellers to more easily support these orders and make the order processing workflow simpler

Process Overview

Product Setup

Create any product with the ShineOn App that you would normally upload artwork for. This excludes Buyer Upload products.

When prompted to upload artwork, upload your template or example design. This could be a design that has "Your Name Here" etc on it, or other "placeholder" content to show customers what their final design will look like before personalizations are added.

Once published to your store, go to More Actions > Enable Artwork Swapper to set the product to Artwork Swapper mode.

Product Page Setup

You'll now neet to setup the custom fields you want your customer to enter/upload information to, to assist you in creating their custom artwork. This is most easily done with an app, such as:

We recommend Product Personalizer. Get 60 Days of Product Personalizer for free! Use Coupon Code 60DAYS

Once done, your product page will show custom text fields, dropdown options, or a file upload field. When the customer places an order, the data from these fields will be available when viewing the order details in Shopify.

Order Example

This is how the order looks in Shopify with some example custom fields.
These extra properties can only be seen in Shopify, and won't be visible in the ShineOn App.

Adding Artwork in ShineOn App

Note: Step not required for users of Product Personalizer.

Once you have your final artwork ready for the customer's order, go to Orders in the Shopify App. Find the right customer order, and click Artwork Swapper.

Upload the new file and click Submit. The order will then have the new artwork associated with it, and be moved into Awaiting Payment status ready for the next auto-billing cycle.