About Pixels

Pixels are used for tracking products, user interactions, and sales on Facebook. You can use the same pixel you already have for other purposes, or create a new one in Facebook for your Platform products. When setting up a new Pixel, you don't need to enter a URL to complete the setup.

There's three different pixels involved with Platform, two of which you can control:

  • ShineOn Pixel - This runs on every product on Platform, and is used for our own internal analytics, as well as to power retargeting.
  • Global Pixel - This is set by sellers in the Settings menu. Every product created after you set this pixel, will automatically include this pixel too.
  • Product Pixel¬†- This is set by sellers in the Product editor, individually for each product. It allows you to override the Global pixel for specific products.

About Google Analytics

Just like Pixels, there's also Google Analytics tracking codes. They're set in the same places Pixels are, and have the same Global/Product options as Pixels do.

Global Settings


From the Platform settings menu, scroll down to Analytics. You can set your Pixel here to apply to all new products you create. You can set the GA ID here too.

Please note that if you created products before setting these IDs, or you later change the IDs here, your existing products won't automatically update to the new IDs. You'll need to go to each product and set the IDs in the settings on them.

Product Settings

You can set each product to have custom IDs if you wish. This might be useful if you want to split your analytics data for advertising or monitoring purposes, or for testing new audiences/groupings. When you have enabled product IDs, your Global IDs will not run on that product.

While managing a product, you can set the custom Pixel/GA IDs here: