Once you have gone through the registration process you can now create your first product.

To look through the products that we offer, while logged into the platform, click the "Add New" button on the top right of the dashboard and select "Product".

You are then directed to our catalog of available products. Certain products might be marked as out of stock at the time.

There are a few different product types:

  • Design - These products will have your design printed onto them and covered with a liquid-glass dome by hand. These are full-colour RGB designs. 
  • Engraved Design - These are similar to Design products, but the design must be in SVG format, as we engrave your design onto these products with a laser, rather than print.
  • 3D Limited - These are products we've designed and inventoried, ready for swift shipment to customers once ordered. You can upload a Message Card design for these, which is a powerful tool for promoting these same products to many different audiences for different occasions.

As we progress through this process there are a few resources that will be helpful to you:

    Pricing List: https://shineon.com/pages/pricing

    Templates and Photos: https://workdrive.zohoexternal.com/external/1sBjLOUwxAK-KEQma

For our first product we will start with our highest selling style of product the 3D Limited. Primarily these products come with little to no customer customization. They do get customized with a message card that you design. This means these products can ship quickly and are great for targeted campaigns.

  1. We start by selecting the product and clicking "Create Product"

Upload Artwork Page

There are three main areas on this page to look at when you arrive:

  1. This section is where you can download the artwork template. This is a PSD with layers that explains how to set up the message card. The message card is the printed design that is laid behind the Necklace in the box. You can design your artwork in any program you want as long as you can save your artwork out as a .jpg
  2. This is where you need to either drag or click through a file finder to upload your artwork.
  3. In this section, you can find ShineOn's premade designs. These are proven designs that are a great starting point for a lot of sellers.

Once you have selected a design or created your own on the template, you will upload the design to the page. If the image you made meets the correct requirements the page will update and show you your design, and allow you to revise your image if it was distorted, or doesn't appear correct to you. If everything appears as it should you can then click Continue to Product Assets.

Publish Your New Jewelry Product

On this page, we configure all of the settings for the product you are going to sell.

Things to configure:

  • Title: This will be the outward and inward-facing name of the product
  • Description: Product description, this comes prepopulated with some very helpful product information that you can choose to leave, edit, or replace with your own.
  • Variants: Many products come in different materials, for this product, there is a Steel and gold. You can choose to give your customer the option to pick or you can limit your product to just Steel or Gold with the checkboxes. You also can set the price of each variant. We supply you with base cost information so you can calculate margins.
  • Custom Tracking: Here you can insert your Facebook pixel and google tracking to help with doing advertising.
  • Product Handle: You can set the product section of your URL here. this will be inserted after your Account Handle that you set in account settings.

Once all options are set to your liking you can then click to publish your product using the Publish Product buttons at either the top or bottom of the page.

Manage Your Products Page

You will then be directed to the Manage Your Products page.

At first, your new product will not show up, however, if you click on the I button you will see it is in production. Once the item is done it will appear in the box with your other products. Once it appears you can click on the product to make edits, or click the "eye" under link to view the live product.