What is it?

ShineOn runs many different types of retargeting campaigns for all products on the site. After someone has visited a product, added an item to cart, or started checkout - they may be shown ads on social media or be reminded about their incomplete purchase via email.

Retargeting is there to help gain additional sales as part of your successful marketing campaigns. Overall, it will net you increased sales for your products that would have normally not happened.

What does it cost me?

Currently, we don't charge sellers anything extra if a sale came through a retargeting campaign. Our cart recovery campaigns make use of discount codes which are deducted from the payout total from those orders. 

Will my customer see ads only for my products?

The ads customers are shown with retargeting may be for a selection of different products, not just the ones they have already viewed. This is part of the complex retargeting process, which serves to gain additonal sales, but also learn about consumer engagement to improve future retargeting campaigns.

Can I run my own retargeting?

Yes you can. Running your own retargeting campaigns will not affect the retargeting we run.