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Returns & Exchanges


As all items are made to order and many of them are personalized, we do not accept returns or exchanges for items we fulfill.

Problem Orders

If there's any problem with the order, the customer should contact your store's support and provide a photo showing the issue where possible.

If there's damage or a defect with the item, the wrong item was recieved, or there was a mistake with engravings:

  • In the app, find the order in the Orders tab
  • Click the Help button
  • Use the Remake option and fill out the details, including 1 photo of the item recieved that shows the issue.
  • A new order will be created in the app and in your store. No charge is made for this new order.
  • This simplified self-service remakes feature allows you to quickly remedy mistakes or problems with customer orders without the need for the customer to return anything. They may keep or dispose of the item they received as they wish.

Delivery Issues (Return to Sender/Customer Return)

If the customer doesn't recieve the item, please contact our support team for them to investigate (provide the SHINE order ID). Do not remake orders with delivery issues.

If we recieve an order back from the carrier (Return to Sender) OR the order cannot be shipped as the address is invalid, then we'll contact you once via the email address on your App settings. We'll give you 28 days to reply back with a new address to reship the item to. After this time, if we don't hear from you, the order will be discarded and no refund will be issued.

If we recieve an order back that the customer opened and then returned, we'll notify you. After 14 days the item will be discarded. No refunds are issued for returned items.



We do not offer refunds for any orders placed, except for the following situations:

  • You have requested cancellation of an order that is "In Production" and our support team were able to grant that cancellation request.
  • If we're unable to replace an item under the remakes process, for example, because a product was discontinued.
  • At our discretion.

ShineOn is not responsible for refunds issued by seller's at their own discretion, or as a result of payment disputes/chargebacks. We'll endeavour to assist any seller facing a payment dispute or chargeback, and often shipping out a replacement item before the dispute lapses will assist sellers in winning the dispute.

Any refund issued will have payment processor fees deducted from the refund amount.

Your Store Policy

We recommend you align your store policies to match our own, unless you feel comfortable offering a different policy at your own cost.

Example Store Policy

Our jewelry products are made to order just for you! We're unable to offer returns or refunds for those, however if you have any issues with your order, please contact our support team who'll be happy to assist you!