You can register as a Platform seller here:
You must use an email address that has not been used on a Shopify store before.

Initial Settings

You can access the Settings panel at any time, from the bottom left corner of the Platform admin.

Join Facebook Group

Join our Facebook group, where we post regular updates on ShineOn including tips on how to maximise your profits!


Please set your full name, locale, and timezone. These are used to help give you a personal experience with the Platform, as well as ensure we can contact you if we need to provide important information in the future.

Set Tracking

You can set your own Facebook Pixel and Google Analytics codes. Setting them here will make them apply to all product listings you create automatically. You can also override this "global" setting when managing specific products later, if you wish.

When creating your Pixel on Facebook, you can skip the box that asks for a URL. It's not required to create your Pixel.

Set URL Handle

Here you can set the prefix that will appear on your product URLs for the Platform. This helps make all your product links have your brand visible, and also helps you to create unique short URLs for your products if you wish.

Add Payout Method

When you make sales on Platform, we pay the profits out to you. We can do this to a Payoneer or PayPal account. In the Settings menu, be sure to provide your Payoneer or PayPal email address for the payouts, and make sure the email address is correct before Saving.


You may set a different email address here for your notifications, such as when you get a new sale for one of your products. Changing this will not change the email address you use to login to the Platform.

Create New Products!

Now you're ready to start creating products. Use the Add New > Product menu in the top right corner of the app to access the catalog.

There's a few different product types:

  • Design - These products will have your design printed onto them and covered with a liquid-glass dome by hand. These are full colour RGB designs. 
  • Engraved Design - These are similar to Design products, but the design must be in SVG format, as we engrave your design onto these products with a laser, rather than print.
  • 3D Limited - These are products we've designed and inventoried, ready for swift shipment to customers once ordered. You can upload a Message Card design for these, which is a powerful tool for promoting these same products to many different audiences for different occasions.