You can install the app from

Initial Settings

Join Facebook Group

You can join our facebook group, where we post regular updates on ShineOn including tips on how to maximise your profits!

Add Payment Method

We need a payment method added so that we can bill you for new orders. You can add a Credit Card or link your PayPal account to the app to do this.

When adding a credit card, make sure you enter a / between the month and year of the expiry date, and if your card is non-US, leave the zipcode field empty.


It's highly recommended to leave auto-billing enabled. It's controlled via the tickbox below your list of payment methods. 

Install ShineOn Product Page

We provide sellers with the ShineOn product page, which is installed to your current Shopify theme. This product page is only used on ShineOn products, and does not affect any other products or pages on your store.

The page powers features such as personalized engraving, photo upload, and birthstone selection for relevant products.

Once installed, you can go to Shopify Admin > Online Store > Theme > Customize - bring up one of our products on the site, and then access the ShineOn Product Page settings on the left to customize the product page. If you encounter any issues, please reach out to our support team for assistance.

Create New Products!

Now you're ready to start creating products. Use the New Product button in the top right corner of the app to access the catalog.

There's a few different product types:

  • Design - These products will have your design printed onto them and covered with a liquid-glass dome by hand. These are full colour RGB designs. 
  • Engraved Design - These are similar to Design products, but the design must be in SVG format, as we engrave your design onto these products with a laser, rather than print.
  • 3D Limited - These are products we've designed and inventoried, ready for swift shipment to customers once ordered. You can upload a Message Card design for these, which is a powerful tool for promoting these same products to many different audiences for different occasions.
  • Buyer Upload - Creating these products in your store will allow customers to upload their own photos to be placed on the product. The ShineOn Product Page powers this feature on your store. Create one and try it out!